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Meet Lady Gaga: the modern mix of Edie Sedgwick and Cyndi Lauper. She’s the modern Madonna, the newest wild, creating a fashion party craze that is taking the globe by glitter storm. Lady Gaga’s songs reflect a constant flow of urban thrills; the high life of booze, dancing, and parties. Shaking her platinum blonde locks and shining in sequins, her music videos alone provide a series of decadent sartorial indulgences. Singing about paparazzi, being overly drunk, money, and clothes, her songs spin off into their own “glamophonic” world, a life that drinks itself into a shiny, shimmering “disco heaven.”
Lady Gaga asserts that fashion is everything for her and this vividly comes across in her musical expression. But are we seeing a new age, an urban fashion icon? She is, indisputably, disco at its most contemporary. And most of her clothes are designed and made by the Gaga herself. She tells the Independent: “I designed these custom nude sequined panties with opalescent light blue rhinestones on them…I made this leather nude bra for my ‘Love Game’ video.” From Lady Gaga’s bubble dress to her extreme shoulder-padded blazers to her leather bikini and boot combos, this musician is showing the fashion clan a truly unique way of dressing. Lady Gaga herself says, “The way the world is…people are hungry for rejoicing and escaping.” This belief is demonstrated in her clothing designs and music, which, when fused together, provide not only the epitome of escapism but also a new disco-mania fashion trend.
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Lady Gaga knows a good mask when she sees one. On the packaging for her “Poker Face; Remixes” album, Lady Gaga is seen wearing aKiki de Montparnasse original.
The masks are handcrafted in Venice Italy exclusively for Kiki de Montparnasse, a high-end designer of intimate apparel and accessories withflagship boutiques in Los Angeles and New York.
The masks are the perfect accessory to wear to spark ones imagination. The mask are formed in all various shapes to suit all different moods. Wearing one of these masks to an elegant Halloween party would certainly create a statement.
Traditionally, masks have been worn in Venice during the annual celebration of Carnival. They have also been used for the purpose of concealing a person’s true identity, and not so that you could egg the neighbor’s house or trick-or-treat for candy. Historically, masks were used by members of Venetian society enabling them to step outside the confines of their accepted roles, whether to perpetrate an illicit act, such as gambling, or something more personal like a clandestine romantic encounter.
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Kiki de Montparnasse masks are made in the time-honored manner by the same craftsmen who created the pieces for Stanley Kubrick’s film, “Eyes Wide Shut” . The collection offers an exquisite range of masks, including classic demi-masks, full face styles with a modern elegance, simple lines and bold metallic finishes. There are also masks fringed in silk or topped with feathers and animal masks including butterflies, kittens and unicorns. The masks are finished with either a lustrous silk ribbon or a hand-carved wooden handle for classic masquerade appeal.
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And what is an icon without followers? Worldwide, girls are imitating her trademark thunderbolt streak (down the forehead and across one eye), fingerless gloves, big black shades, long light blonde locks, and wacky, three-dimensional structured clothing. BlackBook Magazine recently featured Nicole Richie-dressed Gaga Style. There are even rumors of an upcoming Lady Gaga clothing line. It is looking like the newest artistic craze, one that fuses music and art, creating a fashion fad of nocturnal excess. In response to her style followers, she writes on her blog, “The fashion is spreading!!!!! I’m so happy.” It seems her lyrics ring true: “Fashion put it all on me, don’t you want to see these clothes on me.” Looks like the fashion world is welcoming Gaga in a booming, spandextastic, discofantastic kind of way. And remember, whatever it is you decide to wear, always, always “just dance.”
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