Kesha Gets Sleazy on ‘Conan,’ Talks About Her Love for Beards and Bags Full of Quarters

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Kesha stopped by ‘Conan’ last night to chat with the red-haired host and his right-hand man, Andy Richter. Wearing footless, lacy tights, a cloak-like sweater and fringe accented hot pants, Kesha talked about her quest to cover everyone in glitter, her love for beards, and one of her most surprising turn-ons.
After taking a seat aside Richter, host Conan O’Brien began to question the ‘Cannibal’ singer about her use of glitter during her performances. “I feel like glitter makes everything more beautiful,” she tells O’Brien. She continues to chat a bit about her sparkly fetish before whipping out her giant glitter gun — which she claims she keeps in her purse — and showering the talk show host in a downpour of silver glitter and smoke. After the smoke cleared, Richter exclaims, “I wonder how you manage to keep a cleaning lady!”
Kesha also went on to express her love for bearded fellas, saying she was disappointed Conan shaved off his trademark beard. “I love putting beards on my face and in my mouth and touching it,” she says. Lucky for Kesha, Conan had a fake beard on stand by. He put the beard on and she nuzzled his face before biting off the beard, saying, “It tastes like Febreeze.”
Kesha also has a very odd turn on — bags full of quarters. “I was doing laundry one day. I had a lot of laundry and I had a big bag of quarters … I was just running my fingers through them and they were jingling  and touching each other and I got a lady boner,” she tells Conan. Of course, Conan follows this comment by placing a giant bag of quarters on his desk, saying, “I just want to see what a lady boner looks like.”
On the show, Kesha also taught O’Brien how to use her theremin, which is an old-school electronic instrument used by placing you hands around the duel antennas. Kesha will be back on ‘Conan’ later this summer to perform on his concert series. Hopefully this time, Conan will have his real beard back and Kesha will be a happy, glitter-covered camper.
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