History Of Namitha:

                 Namitha Bio-Data
Born Namita Mukesh Vankawala
January 27, 1977 (age 34)
Surat, Gujarat, India
Other names  Bhairavi, Namitha Kapoor
Occupation  Actress
Years active  2002-prese
Namitha, the hot Actress of Kollywood film industry was born on January 27, 1977 in Surat. Her father was a textile businessman and mother was a house wife. She is the only Daughter to the couple and was raised with lot of love and care from her childhood.

Namitha Personnel life:

Actress Namitha with a good body, a woman who is about 6 feet tall and weight 70 kg, he is a graduate in BA literature. The English, Tamil, Hindi, gujurati can talk a little bit of Telugu. The white rose, birds and animals, loves. He is fond of pets and pet dog named Goofy. Namitha actress known for her high resolution and confidence is huge. She is a woman with a lot of patience and understanding power. Namitha likes the acting Sarath Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu, Jyothika. Nandita Das's acting skills he also appreciates.

Namitha Hobbies:

Namitha is very fond of swimming and before entering the film industry has taught swimming to young children. He also read many books, are interested in shopping, traveling and surfing channels when he has free time. Namitha hate to wake in the morning and his family spend time with and loves to eat together with them. Actress namitha even used to play badminton as her hobbies in her teens .She has best friend’s ranjitha and purvi with whom she spends time whenever she is free from busy shooting schedules.

Namitha Achievements:

Namitha, in 1998 as she won the Miss Surat title and vital statistics departments of the top glowing skin and much more impressive intellectual partner also scored. She came third in Miss India contest in the year 2001. Namitha Not only in India but also abroad, won the hearts of many people.

Namitha Tollywood entry:

Namitha with her Telugu movie career in 2002 film Sontham started. Work with the hero Rajesh Arya and his director Srinu Vaitla. The film according to box office record was an average movie.
Namitha the Tamil Gemini in 2002 film remake of the film has worked with Victory Venkatesh. The action film about two Mafia leaders. Actress Namitha with her skin show stole the spotlight as he dressed in all she looked sexy. The film was a hit in Telugu film industry in 2003, Namitha film Oka Raja Oka Rani who was heading the opposite of the hero raviteja worked. The film was produced by renowned producer Ramoji Rao as he always welcomes new people into the industry. But the film did not receive a larger audience and declared a flop.

Oka Radha Iddaru Krishnulla Pelli starred in a movie about the year after a gap of Namitha. The two heroes were casted opposite Prabhu Deva and Sreekanth. But the film also very economically and Nayakudu Aithe Enti year 2005 Namitha film was declared a box office failure was brought in after the work.

Namitha Kollywood Entry:

Namitha the Tamil film industry in 2004 with her sexy man is the film Engal Anna Vijayakanth casted as a hero with his debut. Namitha with actor Vijayakanth matched his acting skills. The film was a big hit in Tamil film history.
Titled aai film came in 2005 as a hero in the lead actress Namitha with Sarath Kumar released.It was an average hit. Sarath Kumar, Namitha's next film titled Channakya whatever year 2005, which was released in the average starred in the hit film.Actress Namitha bambarakkannale a hero to the opposite Srikanth who also was hit financially in 2005 and worked in the film's title.
In the year ending 2005, the two opposite Arjun Aanai called to act in films. These two films at the box office was said to be influenced by economic resources.
 With the beginning of 2006 Satyaraj Kovai Brothers Sibiraj and his co-stars as the title of the film's release as Namita career was on a happy note and it was a smash.

Namitha also worked in three films in 2006. Parthiban was the first film as hero with the Pachak Khuthira had released ran with the average collection. And then a hero Prasanth film is released with the title of the Thangapansamey was a flop movie. Jitthan Ramesh third film as a costar of the movie was a flop as Nee Venunda Chellam happened to be. 

Tamil Actress Namitha with SJ Suryah Vyapari lead protagonist in the film as the hero tittle worked. Shakti Chidambaram has directed the film was an average hit made a film director Selva. Naan Avvan illai titled a super hit and was the hero protagonist lives.

Namitha salary in Tamil cinema: 

Current Salary: Rs.22 - 30 lakhs per film.
Movies: Billa, Jagan mohini

Namitha other language films:

Namitha Kapoor English in 2007, "Maya" is acting in the film. The film is directed by Eric Manning and Sunny Malick's Hero.

Namitha Access Bollywood:

Namitha Hindi Love Affair in 2006 which was also an average film according to box office title from Mumbai worked in the film.
Namitha Kannada film entry:

In 2006, a Kannada film titled Neelakanta was released. Ravichandran hero and Sai Prakash directed this film. It was a hit in Kannada film industry.

2011 upcoming movie Namitha:

Upcoming film of Namitha in Telugu,Tamil 2011 | 2012:

Movie Name: High School 2
Cast: Rajkarthick, Namitha
Movie on Screen: May 2011

     Namitha hot images | Namitha movies in 2011 | Namitha stills | Hot Namitha Videos | Namitha photos

Movie Name: Miss Chintamani MA (C/O Subbigaadu)
Cast: Posani Krishna Murali, Namitha
Movie on Screen: 12 Jun 2011

     Namitha hot Movies | Namitha childhood photos | Namitha Family Photos | Namitha home address

Movie Name: Love College
Cast: Namitha, Tennis Krishna, Bullet Prakash
Movie on Screen: Aug 2011
   Namitha Tamil movies 2011 list | Namitha shooting spot live | Namitha Love Tamil Machans,boys
Movie Name: Paier
Cast: Namitha
Movie on Screen: 14 Nov 2011
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Movie Name: Permotsavam
Cast: Srikanth, Namitha, Ragasiya
Movie on Screen: 21 Oct 2011

Namitha Current Movie in Kannada 2011:

Movie Name: Bhagavan MLA
Cast: Namitha
Movie on Screen: May 2011

Movie Name: Namitha I Love You
Cast: Namitha, Bullet Prakash, Tennis Krishna
Movie on Screen: Jul 2011

Next movie of namitha in Malayalam 2011 & 2012:

Movie Name: Indhra
Cast: Darshan, Namitha, Vinaya Prasad
Movie on Screen: Aug 2011

Namitha Mystery:

Namitha is a very bold girl. He is a photographer began with a live in relationship with whom she lived in a luxury apartment for 4 years. But relations have subsequently been eliminated permanently from each other as they parted their ways.

Recently Sreekanth rumors Telugu hero was dating him. But Namitha did not accept it. Namitha sexy actress and broad shoulders with several Tamil and Telugu movies has carved his career and hope he shows more skin with acting skills and continue his work will come from him. Noted, 26 October 2010, by a fan in her kidnapping attempt was made to Trichy in Tamil Nadu.

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